Sunday, 23 November 2014

Clothes Show Blogger's Breakfast

The Clothes Show is back and I am super excited! On Thursday 20th November, I was invited to the Ham Yard Hotel to hear about all the new, upcoming plans for this year's Clothes Show Live. The gathering was cute, cosy and incredibly exciting. At the event was OBE Fashion Journalist, Hilary Alexander, celebrity stylist, Karl Willet and presenter Antonia O'Brien. It was so interesting to hear about the preparations for the Clothes Show and what their roles will be this year. I absolutely loved my time at the Clothes Show last year - the Catwalk Show was amazing, fuelled with fashion and dancing, not to mention the shopping before hand! This year the Clothes Show sounds even better. With a New York theme, the Catwalk Show will showcase some amazing, creative outfits, mixing High Street and designer. Karl Willet and his team have been responsible for gathering the outfits together for the Catwalk Show. With 240 outfits to prepare for, Karl said that 12 hour days were certainly not rare. Since the end of June, Karl and his team have been sourcing outfits, hunting down all the 'New York'-esque clothes out there. Karl described the New York style as ever evolving and said that styling for the theme was fun and diverse, as there are so many elements to New York fashion.
  Alongside hearing about the upcoming plans for the Clothes Show, Hilary Alexander, Karl Willet and Antonia O'Brien gave inspiring and upbeat advice for anyone who is aspiring to be in the fashion industry. This advice was invaluable for me as I am currently applying to study Fashion Journalism and hope to have a successful career in the field I love - fashion. I noted down a few things that the talented team said because I felt so inspired personally. I also thought that for anyone reading my blog who hopes to have a career in fashion, the things that they said were very helpful and upbeat.

  Karl Willet is known for styling many celebrity faces, including the gorgeous (and obviously stylish), Paloma Faith. When working with Paloma, Karl said that they work together to 'break the rules' and don't put together an outfit purely for the likes - they even embrace the dislikes. Karl's attitude towards fashion is that it should be fun, as a result creating something interesting. His golden style rule is to 'think outside the box'. In fact, one of Karl's secrets to creating a great outfit is to explore other sections of the store (maybe exploring the guy's section if you are a woman, or the women's if you are a man). Karl revealed that the leather trousers he was wearing were in fact from Topshop's Women's Wear and that one of his most popularly complimented jumpers was from the women's section of River Island. I loved this piece of advice because I, myself, have the odd piece of guy's clothing. If you can style it right and make it work - why not?
  Antonia's advice was always to ensure that when you step out of the door in the morning, you feel 'comfortable' and confident in what you're wearing. When Antonia said comfortable, she didn't mean walk out of the door in your favourite onesie, she meant wear what makes you feel good (and look good). Antonia mentioned the importance of having a 'yes man' attitude and approach to everything and to keep in mind that everyone has those 'impossible days'.
   Last, but of course not least, Hilary Alexander's advice to those aspiring to be in the fashion industry was punchy and to the point - 'Believe in what you're doing', 'Never say no to an opportunity', 'Keep at it' and remember - 'accuracy', 'perseverance', 'dedication', passion', 'love' and if you want to be a journalist, 'grammar!'.
 After having a little chat with Hilary, Karl and Antonia, it was time for me to leave the delightful city of London and return to my South Wales home. I loved hearing all about this year's Clothes Show and it was made even more delightful with the addition of scrumptious breakfast condiments to accompany the event!

Excitingly, I have been given a pair of tickets for the Clothes Show on Saturday 6th December. I will be running a giveaway tomorrow for your chance to win these tickets! To enter the giveaway, visit tomorrow morning! 


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