Friday, 28 November 2014

Meeting McBusted / Private DVD Screening & Q&A

When McFly and two of Busted's greatest band members unified, the world went crazy as McBusted was born. What came after that can only be described as ultimate 'fangirling'. So many of us are guilty of over playing at least one of their songs - I've probably played Year 3000 about 3000 times. Therefore, when I got an email inviting me to a private screening and Q&A session, I practically threw my phone in the air with excitement. Of course, without hesitation I replied within seconds - the answer was 'yes' and all existing plans for that day were cancelled. Living in Wales can be slightly tricky at times. Although I love it dearly (and there is a lot more to the country than sheep and greenery), travelling to London where the events are usually held can be slightly awkward and expensive. Previous trips to London that I've gone on have involved hopping on a train for a few hours, waving goodbye to a chunk of money. NOT ANYMORE! I discovered the wonders of the Megabus - travel has never been more inexpensive. I am not a fan of a long bus journey - who is? However, the Megabus really wasn't as bad as I was expecting!
  On Tuesday 27th November, I finally arrived in London at Victoria Station. Feeling like Paddington Bear and pretending to be a Londoner - I grabbed my bags, whipped out my Oyster card (an essential travel card for Londoners) and I was on my way. After a few trips to Starbucks and a few Gingerbread Lattes and cookies later, I was energised and headed to NBC Universal to go and meet....McBusted. On the outside I was calm and collected; on the inside I was internally buzzing with excitement. Entering the screening room, I realised that I was going to be sitting directly opposite the band..... (!!!!!) After a slight delay waiting for the boys, we finally got an announcement that they were outside and within seconds in they burst through the door with more energy than a thousand puppies. I was pleased by how friendly, upbeat and willing to be at the event the boys were - they certainly weren't divas. At the event bloggers, YouTubers and press were at the front and some mega fans were filling up the rest of the seats. Therefore, amongst the claps were several high pitched screams, yelps and other excited noises from some of their greatest fans. The boys also recognised a few faces of fans in the audience after meeting them at events previously - impressive considering how many fans' faces they must see daily!
  After taking their seats the floor was open to questions. The questions came rolling in and the boys embraced each question with so much enthusiasm and wit. They were hilarious in fact. Each answer incited hysterical laughter erupting through the room. I jotted down some of my favourite questions and answers - unfortunately I couldn't write down all of them, the world would've run out of paper if I had.

(These are seriously quick notes and quotations - the boys said so much more than this!)

Q: 'If you weren't in the band, what job would you have?'
Harry: World Leader!
Tom: I'd be the gardener from Desperate Housewives
(several chuckles, including my own)
Maybe an Astronaut?
Dougie: No nerds in Space!

Q: 'Can you tell us any secrets about the upcoming tour?'
Harry: There are no rules

After the questions had been fired, it was time for a selfie with McBusted (obviously).

After the selfie had been uploaded, another big surprise was around the corner. There, sitting in the audience was a fiancĂ©-to-be, as her boyfriend crashed the screening and got down on one knee! Cutest. Moment. Ever. Imagine having McBusted help you to propose to your girlfriend?! Congrats guys! (Hopefully you don't feel too pressured to beat Tom's amazing Wedding Speech - the bar has been set pretty high there!).

After all that excitement, it was then time to watch the film....

The film was packed with amazing shots of the boys on tour, exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and it makes you warm to the band even more. These boys are genuinely having the best time ever and you can't help but envy how much fun they're having on  a daily basis. Not every band gets to sing on a U.F.O (don't understand what I mean - watch the film!). If you're a fan of McBusted, this DVD is a must-have - it will make you fall in love with them even more. I don't get paid, sponsored or told what to say in this blog post, so if you think I'm getting commission for raving about the boys, you couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, if I thought their film was rubbish, this post wouldn't even exist. This film is fun and inspiring - I left the screening with the thought that anything is possible in life if you work hard enough. McBusted are successful for a reason - they've worked their a$$'s off. As Dougie says in the film, if you're not enjoying what you're doing and having fun, what's the point? 

click to buy McBusted's DVD! 


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