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LUSH Christmas Haul

IT'S CHRISTMASSSS! Well it was, two days ago.. Belated Merry Christmas everyone! There are two occasions in a person's annual calendar when it is absolutely necessary to do the following:-

1. Take a break
2. Treat yourself
3. Spend inordinate amounts of money and not feel too guilty about it
4. Indulge in chocolate, cake and delicious foods and not care when you see your waistline is expanding to about four times its size.

If you haven't guessed already, these two occasions are your birthday and, well, Christmas of course! I am buzzing with Christmas spirit this year - I practically counted down the seconds. This year, I planned on doing all the above - taking a break, treating myself, spending money and indulging myself in all the delicious Christmas delicacies - mince pies, Christmas puddings, turkey dinners and pigs-in-blankets galore! I am pleased to say that I have completed all of my Christmas targets above. Now, the Christmas festivities are coming to a close...or they are supposed to be. However, I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Christmas just yet. I had to come up with a plan to make Christmas last for a few more days at least - I wanted a LUSH Christmas. If you didn't get that Christmas-cracker style joke/pun on words, I'll rephrase myself...basically, I trotted down to LUSH and got my mitts on the most Christmassy themed products I could find - so I can smell like Christmas way past the deadline!

Snowman Fun 

Yog Nog soap

Melting Snowman

Creamy Candy

Drummers Drumming


Holly Go Lightly

Walking into the Lush shop is like walking into a prison cell..once you're in you're in and there's not a lot you can do to escape. I'm not exactly comparing the experience of being in my local LUSH store to a prison cell - partly because I haven't got any experience of being in a prison cell apart from what I've seen on Orange is the New Black - but in a metaphorical sense, LUSH's shop arrests you with its gorgeous smelling delicacies, tempting you so that seconds later the whole stock of the shop ends up in your over-stuffed basket of things to buy. Restraining myself, I decided to pick my favourite 7 items - whether or not you call that restrained, I'll let you decide. Tempted by their names, smell and oh-so amazing appearance, I picked up the Snowman Fun soap, Yog Nog soap, Melting Snowman, Creamy Candy bubble bar, Drummers Drumming bath stick, Butterbear bath bomb and the Holly Go Lightly bubble bar.

Of course I couldn't leave the shop without buying one of LUSH's most inventive and brilliant ideas ever - the Snowman Fun soap! At first, I picked this Snowman up not knowing what I'd just placed in my palms..thankfully with my glasses at the ready I read the fine print - 'make your very own snow people' - well OK then! I am super excited to try this Snowman Fun soap out! I can't wait to have a whole collection of little Snowmen (& snow women and snow dogs etc.) - the possibilities are endless.

I also thought that I should experiment a little so I was adventurous and picked up some new things, some of which I've heard bloggers rave about and others I'd never seen before! A definite must-have was the Yog Nog soap. As soon as I smelt this delicious soap I had to stop myself from taking a bite - it seriously smells that good. I've used this soap a couple of times and find myself close to licking the surface; it's like a cruel temptation to your nose - but a delightful one at that. Smelling a little bit like a toffee truffle, this soap not only smells good but is also really rehydrating. In the Winter season my hands usually get really dry but since using this soap my skin is feeling soft and nourished - it really is a bar of magic!

Last year I blogged about the LUSH products that I used around Christmas time - I loved so many of them last year and genuinely found them so nourishing for my skin, so, why not repurchase a few of them? A definite hit last year had to be the Melting Snowman. This product is uh-maz-ing, from its cute little melted appearance (and missing nose - sorry little fella, seems like it snapped off on the way home) to its chocolatey scented eyes and buttons - this snowman does not disappoint!

The Creamy Candy Bubble bar, I must confess, was probably not the most Christmassy item that I could've picked up but once I'd smelt this, there was no putting it down! I followed my nose (literally) to the till and bought it without a second thought. This Cream Candy Bubble Bar simply smells divine and I have no regrets. I love the Bubble Bars because they last well. You snap pieces off the Bubble Bar and crumble it under the running water to create your bubbles, usually turning your bath water a fabulous colour and filling the room with the delightful scents. Therefore, taking all of that into consideration, I cannot wait to try this Bubble Bar out.

A Christmas classic song is Twelve Days of Christmas. Therefore, I couldn't have picked up a more Christmassy item - Drummers Drumming. Although the song says that there are twelve drummers drumming, my budget said there was one. I love the way that this has little bells attached with two different coloured sides of the 'drum'. I can't wait to run this under the water and watch as bubbles develop!

The cute little Butterbear bath bomb was a must-have as soon as I saw it. To be honest, I saw its face and loved it from there on. I did the classical 'judging a book by its cover' sort of thing. But, this Butterbear shall not disappoint, because although I stuffed it into my basket without caring if it smelt nice or not (if it looks pretty, it could be an ornament, right?) - I have since smelt the delightful bear-faced specimen and it smells insanely good. Hooray for the Butterbear! 

Due to my name being Holly, being a fan of Breakfast At Tiffany's and Audrey Hepburn and Christmas Puddings and glitter - I couldn't exactly say no to this 'Holly Go Lightly' glittering bubble bar, could I? The glitter does go everywhere but I don't care because I think I've found one of my favourite Christmas LUSH products. Smelling amazing (obviously) and looking more Christmassy than my actual Christmas pudding - this product has got five stars from me!

So that's it for this year's LUSH Christmas haul - bring on next Christmas (I'm already excited).

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