Sunday, 7 December 2014

Shopping at the Clothes Show

The shopping at the Clothes Show is always exciting. With new brands and stalls added this year, the shopping floor seemed even more packed with fashion around every corner. The area where the stalls are is huge and if there were a fashion maze - this would be it. Having to use what little sense of direction I have, I tried not to get lost as I wandered around browsing and wanting to have a look at everything. Whether or not I managed to achieve my goal of looking at absolutely everything however is debatable, as the N.E.C is a humongous space. I also found it quite difficult to take photos because there were people everywhere -  standing still caused a human traffic jam and it was impossible to take a good ol' landscape shot without someone walking straight in front of the camera. Therefore, I had to be selective and probably a good thing too, because my trusty, borrowed Olympus Pen camera would've been stuffed to the brim with photos of every aspect of each stall.
  There were stalls for everyone - beauty, fashion, vintage fashion and quirky little stalls! My favourite stall, however, was in the ASOS Graduate Marketplace. Instantly catching my attention was  Molly Trubody's stall. Cute, colourful and so unique, Molly's stall was my favourite by far. In fact, I think I fell in love with her fleeced Teddy bear two-piece outfit - super cosy and super cute. Sparkling with tinsel, the stall was decorated with a collection of Molly's accessories..those tinsel earrings would definitely be on my Christmas list if only I had my ears pierced!
  Obviously, one of the main reasons that everyone loves the Clothes Show apart from the actual clothes, is the celeb spotting! I know that Alfie Deyes and Fleur De Force were also at the Clothes Show but sadly my timing sucked and I missed the two during their interview on the Image Catwalk and their meet ups - gutted! However, I did manage to sneak a picture of Alfie while he was meeting some fans...

This year the Clothes Show had so many celebrities and more importantly - so many Made In Chelsea celebrities!

I spotted Andy, Stevie and Proudlock marching out of their VIP suite (which just so conveniently was next to the Blogger's Bar and Press Area). With a herd of girls chasing and screaming after Andy and Stevie, I wasn't prepared to run fast enough to catch up with the boys (or compete with their ultimate fans chasing after them) in order to snatch a photo. Instead, I opted to hustle my way to Proudlock (who was equally surrounded by screaming, excited girls, but who had come to a stop relatively close by due to the mania). After greeting him quickly and receiving a big smile, I asked Proudlock for a photo. I felt slightly guilty for joining in with the pestering, but he was more than happy to take a photo - result! In addition I managed to snatch a photo with Spencer! The boys were really cool and it was amazing having the chance to meet them after watching them every Monday night on Made In Chelsea.

So, that concludes the Clothes Show 2014! To be honest, I'm already excited for Clothes Show 2015 - it seems to be getting better every year! But right now, I should probably focus my attention on upcoming events (e.g. Christmas - eeeep!). I'd also like to say a massive thank you to the Olympus Pen camera team at the Clothes Show for helping me with the camera and lending me one for the day so that I could take all these amazing shots! The Olympus Pen camera is awesome, with so many cool features. I loved trying it out yesterday and it's definitely something that will be going on my wish list for the near future!


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