Friday, 23 January 2015

How I Stay Motivated & Inspired

Happy New Year! Although I am a couple of weeks late giving this greeting, the New Year is still very new and full of potential. I am super excited for the New Year and all the things that I have planned and the resolutions that I plan to keep. When I was younger, a New Year's resolution was always something silly - often something simply to say when people asked me what my New Year's resolution was. A common resolution was - 'don't eat any chocolate!'.  A few hours into the New Year, however, I was sat with several wrappers decorating my bedroom. This year, I wanted to make myself resolutions, but also targets for my upcoming year; achievable, attainable targets. This New Year, as for so many people, is definitely my fresh start. I enjoyed 2014 but a fresh start is definitely a refreshing prospect and I intend to embrace the opportunity. A massive fan of picture sharing sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest and We Heart It, I gathered together some inspirational pictures that remind me of my New Year's resolutions and targets. I'm all for the saying, 'surround yourself with what you love' and these pictures really portray messages that I think are so crucial to staying happy, positive and focused. I thought I'd share my inspiration for the New Year and write down my resolutions - who knows, maybe some of them will be the same as yours? 

photo source: Pinterest 

Christmas day gave me many wonderful things; time with my family, a gorgeous Christmas dinner and precious gifts that I will treasure for a long time. One of my favourite gifts was a bracelet given to me by my big sister. I will be doing a blog post on the bracelet and on the brand because I think they are really cute, meaningful bracelets that everyone should have. Inscribed on the bracelet was the message, 'Enjoy the journey'. I am a massive fan of inspirational quotes and meaningful messages. What made the present even more special was the relevance that it had to me at this point in my life. I am in my final year of school which can be incredibly scary, stressful but also insanely exciting. I think, above all, enjoying and embracing whatever life throws at you is one of the most important messages. As my bracelet and the quotation above says, 'life is a journey. One of my resolutions this year is to 'live in the moment' and stay organised, focused and surround myself with positivity.  

photo source: Pinterest 

Negative thoughts multiply and result in negative outcomes. 2015 is my year to embrace a positive outlook and attitude and apply it to everything. When put under stress or in a busy period in our lives, it's easy to become negative and develop negative thoughts. One of my major downfalls in 2014 was not letting myself have time to relax and unwind. I plan to achieve a lot in 2015 and to try and blog more by juggling my school work and my blog. 2015 is also the year that I start to make my 'dreams' and my goals happen, so, I am dreaming big and believing in my dreams! 

I absolutely LOVE this picture and this quote. I think it portrays the message that if you believe, you can make things happen. The picture also conveys a message of not being afraid of failure because although you may 'fall', ultimately you might 'fly' and the downfall will become part of your progression upwards. Positive thoughts, positive outcome. Obviously, don't stick a pair of fairy wings on with the mindset that you could perhaps fly like Peter Pan into Neverland - no, no - take this as a metaphorical message...

This is the cutest picture and quote that I have ever seen. It speaks for itself really - a positive mind makes a happy person. I've been practising positivity and positive thoughts for a while after becoming doubtful in 2014 and it has had a major impact on my overall mood. As well as eating a really good diet and cutting our foods that are tasty but that ultimately have no nutritional value, I have been feeling better and I am definitely happier. 

So, in a nutshell, my resolutions are to stay focused, 'enjoy the journey', stay positive and dream big. Cheesy enough for you? What are your New Year's Resolutions? What's inspiring you this year? 


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