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Style Guide / SPRING/SUMMER 2015 / Florals

Introducing the new trends for our New Year, 2015, I've pooled together some of the High Street's coolest clothes that best represent the new S/S15 trends. In my Style Guide posts I've chosen my favourite catwalk pieces from the S/S15 fashion shows and then scoured the internet for my favourite High Street pieces. Last week I posted about the new Spring/Summer colour trend - violet (read here). Of course, there is a lot more to the Spring/Summer trends than just violets. In this post, I'm introducing another of S/S's wonderful, new trends - Florals! 


Florals as a Spring/Summer trend may not be very unique but it's definitely season appropriate. For a few years the floral trend has been re-appearing in our wardrobes every Spring & Summer but there is a reason that this trend never seems to fade away. A floral pattern is not only pretty, girly and an eye-catching print - it also introduces a realm of colour and symbolises new life, growth and prosperity. For the Japanese, each flower will have a meaning and a purpose - they use each flower to channel energy and attract good things. Fashion utilises the floral trend for the benefit of the consumer. It is a popular pattern chosen by designers to spread onto their newly crafted cloth because of its popular demand. Quite literally the season for 'new beginnings' in nature, designers use their natural environment to influence their work. Surrounded by ideas of new life and flourishing possibilities, the floral print resonates a positive attitude and encourages a positive energy. A popular saying is 'you are what you eat' but I think 'you are what you wear'. Wearing floral patterns this S/S 15 will radiate a vibrant energy and inject colour into your outfits! 

Chanel's gorgeous range of florals from the S/S15 was truly breathtaking. I loved this piece because of its intricate embellished detailing. A definite haute couture vibe, this intricate piece is not far from the definition of a masterpiece. Carefully crafted, designed and constructed - Chanel's floral designs knock many of the others out of the park. Oozing vibrancy and with an air of perfectionism, this Chanel design will beat any floral pattern that you'll find on the High Street... 

Vera Wang injected romanticism into her floral patterns. The elegancy of Wang's designs will no doubt be transferred into the High Street floral trends. Wang's florals are less vibrant than the other floral designs. These tamed, subtle florals are an example of how you can break into this year's floral trend without making a screaming statement and without electric coloured flowers clinging to your body. 

Chanel's florals were delicate in one aspect (see design above) but also raging with energy in another. I love the punch of colour injected into these floral patterns. With an 80's vibe of intense colour and an air of rebellion - there's no shying away with these stark florals. 

Miu Miu's floral patterns have a retro air about them - blocked, the floral patterns are pressed into the garment like a stamp. The floral pattern marked Miu Miu's S/S15 with bold colour and print - the florals could be seen and heard as they received frantic claps on the Spring/Summer catwalks. 

Although they're not fabulous designer garments that have been tailored carefully and intricately like Chanel's embellished masterpiece, these High Street picks represent the florals that are available to those of us on Student budgets. Whether you want to make bold statements like Miu Miu and Chanel this upcoming season, or be subtle like Vera Wang, I've tried to pick a diverse range of floral patterns that will accompany you this year.

1. ASOS Paw Print Flatforms £22
2. Topshop Petite Floral Zip Pelmet Skirt £35
3. River Island Grey Floral Print Smart Cigarette Pants £42
4. River Island Cream Floral Print Draped Cropped Jacket £55
5. River Island Cream Floral Print Peplum Jacket £45
6. River Island Black and White Floral Shirt Dress £48

Look out for more 'Style Guide / SPRING/SUMMER 2015' trend posts coming soon!


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