Wednesday, 25 February 2015

February / What's On My Wish Lists

Firstly I am terribly sorry that my blogging habits have been subdued over the past two weeks - to say I've had a busy month would be an understatement! While university interviews and eighteenth birthday celebrations were filling the 'exciting' section of my diary, coursework deadlines and A-level work continued to takeover a vast chunk of the less riveting side of my life. But, I'm back and with a busy blogging schedule to follow!! 

1. Topshop Vintage Jeans by Boutique £55.00 - When I was younger jeans weren't one of my favourite pieces of clothing; I thought that they were stiff, rigid items that were mainstream. However, the 21st Century has given jeans a new lease of life and now they are bigger and better than ever before. With Hailey Baldwin recently fronting Topshop's new SS15 denim collection, denim is cooler than ever before. I love Topshop's new collection of denim and denim jeans are becoming one of my favourite pieces of day-today clothing. From 'mom' style jeans to ripped, barely-there pieces, I plan to accumulate quite a collection of denim for my Spring wardrobe! 

2. Topshop Petite Split Back Duster Coat £79.00 - I don't have a favourite colour which is deemed as odd by a few people. Personally my colour preferences change depending on my mood or the time in my life, for example my favourite colour is currently red - bold, daring and supposedly a colour of success. However, throughout the times, green is always a colour that I will find some form of comfort in. In fact, a lot of my clothing is green - whether it reminds me of nature's green grass, or Santa's Elves' outfits, green is always a colour that I am more than happy to drape over my body. Therefore, it will be no surprise to you that I am falling in love with this Topshop Split Back Duster Coat!! 

3. New Look Khaki Textured Pointed Court Shoes £19.99 - Heels are an essential for practically any girl's wardrobe. They are quite literally the 'pick me up' item that will elevate you into a happier sense of self, until you get to the crippling stages of agony after wearing them too long. These Textured Pointed Court Shoes from New Look would be perfect day-to-day wear for one of those days when a pick me up is needed. 

4. ASOS Open Triangle Cuff Bracelet £8.00 - Accessories - sometimes un-noticed and even worse, sometimes unaddressed. 2015 has been an amazing year so far - a year where I've decided to embrace anything and everything that comes my way; and that includes accessories! Stemming from my obsession with rings, I am now slowly becoming obsessed with bracelets also (save my soul). This Open Triangle Cuff Bracelet is cute and simple - not too eye-catching, for an outfit that doesn't need to be overpowered by jewellery! 

5. Ted Baker Patent Crosshatch Large Shopper £169.00 - Ted Baker can do no wrong, however, it can so easily tempt me to part with money, as with this gorgeous Shopper!! I think this bag is the perfect transitional seasons bag, introducing the lighter, pastel shades of S/S15 into your existing darker tones of A/W14 wardrobe.

6. Topshop Limbo Snake-effect Platform Sandals £52.00 - Perhaps a little ambitious for day-to-day wear here in Britain where rain can be seen exploding from the clouds, but some day soon these Snake-effect Platform Sandals will be the perfect partner for a S/S15 outfit.

7. New Look Camel Block Stripe Print Blanket Wrap £24.99 - When it comes to fashion there are some decisions (very rarely) where you have to consider the practicality of an item. This Blanket Wrap is definitely one of those items which has the benefit of being practical yet stylish, making it even more tempting to purchase it. Although we are supposedly nearing Spring and Summer, I can still feel the chilly Winter bite here in the UK - hand me this Blanket Wrap from New Look and a hot chocolate please because I'm turning into Olaf here! 


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