Monday, 12 October 2015

Clothes Show 2015 Ticket Giveaway

Ok, so I know that I recently did a post saying how I want to aim to publish brand new blog posts every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I also know that yesterday was Sunday and there was no post to be seen. However, I hope that if you were waiting with baited breath that you will find this post anything but a disappointment. If you haven't guessed by the title already - this post is a giveaway (sorry if the title was too much of a spoiler - thought it was better to get straight to the point than to lure you into a post blind).

I have been blogging for nearly four years now (whaaaat) and in 2013 and 2014 I experienced December's second greatest event - The Clothes Show Live. I'm sorry Clothes Show Live but as wonderful as you are you will never be able to compete with Christmas Day which takes the lead as December's number one, greatest event. However, that being said, The Clothes Show Live takes a very respectable second place - only the most fabulous events come close to being Christmas' competition. If you're unaware what the Clothes Show Live is I will assume one of three things;

1) You haven't really analysed the title too closely 
 The manner of the event is practically spelled out in its title - The Clothes Show Live.  If you're still not too clued in, I'll simplify it a little more (I mean, I know it's Monday so the brain isn't fully functioning just yet). It's basically a show of clothes that you get to watch live. Before your very eyes you witness a catwalk of fabulously styled outfits and models strutting down with more attitude and sass than me on any given day. It really is as great as it sounds. 

2) You don't own social media (are you even human??) 
 The Clothes Show Live basically takes over social media around the time of ticket release and the time of the event. For any Fashionista, the attendance of The Clothes Show is practically compulsory - we like fashion and we like it even better in 3D form, up close and personal, showcased before us. 

3) You don't live in the UK 
Unfortunately, The Clothes Show Live is held in the NEC, Birmingham, so not hearing about it if you live thousands of miles away is acceptable..It also means unfortunately that you won't be able to enter this Giveaway (I'm so sorry!). Unless you're willing to pack your bags and come live in the UK for the chance of winning? 

So, you get the point - the Clothes Show is pretty fantastic and I am a big fan. I've been every year since being introduced and as well as it being blogger heaven, it's also heaven for any avid shopper. With its range of stalls, it's perfectly timed around Christmas, a perfect excuse to pick up some Christmas presents! If you don't believe me - I have photographic evidence of the event displayed in my posts from previous years (where I also ramble enthusiastically about the event in a similar tone as I am using currently..). Clothes Show Live 2014 / Clothes Show Live 2013 .

GoodResults PR got in touch again this year for the amazing opportunity for me to run a Giveaway on my blog, for you to get your mitts on your very own set of Clothes Show Tickets! The tickets are for Friday 4th December. All you need to do to enter is to enter the giveaway below and follow 2 simple steps for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and hope to see you at the Clothes Show! (I'll be wandering around on Friday 4th December!). For more info about the Clothes Show event and to view the line up, click here

A big thank you to GoodResults PR too for making this giveaway possible! 



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