Friday, 18 December 2015

50 Facts About Me

Originally I sat down and wrote 50 facts about myself in my notebook for a starter YouTube video. I'm still on the fence about entering the YouTube world. It's pretty daunting and unlike the creation of my blog nearly four years ago, this channel would need to have a lot of thought and planning before I created it. I have tried filming a few videos but haven't been happy with how they have turned out and their content so far. So for now, I'll just be blogging - so here are 50 facts about me!

1. My Mum wanted to call me 'Skye' which I personally love but Dad wasn't too keen so they settled on 'Holly'.

2. I am eighteen years old and my birthday is on the eleventh of February.

3. I am on a gap year but have every intention of going to University in 2016 and have sent off my application for English Literature.

4. I have two babies.

(Well, I have two dogs but they're like my kids so technically I wasn't lying.)

5. I am left handed and I still get confused when people act like this is an alien part of existence.

6. I have no piercings.

7. I have two siblings; one older (half) sister (29) and one younger sister (16).

8. I have a ridiculous obsession with Disney and practically own the whole collection of DVD's available.

9. I am not a massive fan of social media. I think that it is awkward and un-nautral to gibber on about your random day but I guess that's exactly what I do on my blog..

10. I have so many food intolerances. Check out my list - I'm sure you'll find it amusing.

11. I studied Art, English Literature, Drama and Welsh Baccalaureate at Sixth Form/College and got three A's and a B in Welsh Bacc (which was a compulsory qualification to take at my school and is unique to Wales' education system).

12. I used to be super sporty when I was younger but I started filling up my days with all kinds of other hobbies and slowly sports became a lesser part of my life.

13. I am petrified of snakes.

14. I have only been abroad to four different places - I have a lot of exploring left to do!

15. I would love to do a road trip around some of America's hotspots.

16. I have awful eyesight and have done ever since I popped into the world and saw a very blurry view of the earth.

17. I'd much rather watch a TV series on repeat than watch and experiment with new films (unless they are Disney).

18. Jumpers are one of my favourite things to wear - Winter being my favourite season and giving me the excuse to be snuggly and warm at all times.

19. I love accessorising outfits and rings are my favourite piece of jewellery to wear.

20. I have the weirdest music taste ever. My favourite artists at the moment range from Justin Bieber (obviously)and Marilyn Manson to Buble's Christmas song selection.

21. I once had two goldfish called 'Carrot' and 'Bean' who died shortly after purchase - it was a traumatic moment for both me and the badly destined fish.

22. I wanted to be an actress for the majority of my life but then my fashion interest really kicked in and I begun writing on my blog. English and Drama were my favourite subjects in school. I really have no idea where the future will lead me but I know that it will certainly involve one or the other or even a combination of everything if I'm lucky.

23. I have moved house twice.

24. I love change and clutter clearing. There is nothing more refreshing than sorting out stuff and donating to charity - a win-win for all!

25. My favourite film is Disney's 'Frozen' - I am not alone and I am also not ashamed despite being eighteen years of age.

26. I am never satisfied with the length of my hair and I am constantly changing the length up.

27. I passed my driving tests first time (theory & practical).

28. I love stationary. Seriously, give me a notebook and watch me smile.

29. I do not like pizza - it's gross, greasy and combines everything I'm allergic to in one dish.

30. I don't drink coffee or tea (unless herbal).

31. I have dyed my hair once with henna and would never do it again - regrets, regrets, regrets!

32. I like my personal space and I am not too fond of people being all up in my space and face. If that makes me an uncertified Diva then so be it.

33. I think a positive, calm and rational attitude in life is so important.

34. I am a firm believer in only surrounding yourself with positive people who make you happy and will lift you higher. Wave goodbye to the 'friends' who don't have your back and aren't around when you need them.

35. My favourite time of the year is Christmas.

36. I prefer sweet tastes over savoury.

37. I like crystals - I find them calming and pretty. Zen of me, I know :)

38. I automatically cry at any scary film. It's an instinctive reflex and it is not very helpful. It is, however, an effective way of not seeing the film as it blurs my eyes with the copious amount of tears.

39. The only film I have ever cried at is 'The Notebook' - yep, not even 'Titanic' made me shed a tear. (I have a soul I promise).

40. I love the taste of cinnamon and ginger (not combined although I am now intrigued..).

41. I hate being too hot (in temperature obviously..).

42. I love being around nature.

43. Although, inconveniently I am allergic to nature and have a devilish spell of hay fever every Summer.

44. I don't have a favourite colour but I tend to wear a lot of green - so I suppose that's a colour I'm attracted to when it comes to clothes anyway.

45. I am completely against the use of recreational drugs unless prescribed for medical reasons. Pugs not drugs people - that stuff isn't cool and messes you up big time.

46. I had braces for a year when I was younger.

47. I don't like being told I can't do something unless it's related to safety and is justified.

48. I have a sweet tooth not a savoury - which has obviously been a major challenge since cutting out sugar completely!!

49. I went to an all-girls school from ages eleven to sixteen. It was tough but I am very grateful for the education it gave me despite the intense pressure it inflicted on its students.

50. I don't tend to collect books that I read, I usually read them once and pass them onto either friends, family or charity. However, recently I have started building up my collection as I miss the books I've given away in the past (darn my clutter-clearing instincts).




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