Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A Few Inspirational Fashion Books...

I've read a lot of fashion books - ranging from ones consisting mainly of editorial, arty images from memoirs and information books the size of the Bible. Choosing favourites is tricky because I have quite a range of books to choose from. However, I've plucked out a few of my staple fashion books for this post. I have chosen books that I think are incredibly inspirational and beautiful as they creep down the timeline of some of fashion's most memorable names. Written as either memoirs (Grace Coddington and Diane Von Furstenburg) or as biographical extensions to the tales of designers Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen - these books will be loved by any fashion addict.

Grace / A Memoir / Grace Coddington

Being a massive fan of Vogue's Grace Coddington helps when reading her memoir, however, it is completely non-essential. Whether you're a beginner reader in the fashion book sector or not - you will love Grace's story. Truthful and detailed, Grace's book remains one of my favourites as she recalls her journey into the fashion industry. Her illustrations also add a cute, decorative and inescapable artistic touch to the book.

Vivienne Westwood / Vivienne Westwood & Ian Kelly

amazon £16.75  (hardcover)

I wrote a blog post about Vivienne Westwood's personal memoir by Ian Kelly when I first read it. My views on the book have certainly not changed - it's just as fabulous and inspirational. Vivienne is empowering. The book details Vivienne's climb to the pinnacle of success. (Read more here)

Vogue On / Alexander McQueen / Chloe Fox

The pages of this book are alive. Filled with beautiful shots that begin to capture the vivacious energy of Alexander McQueen's designs. An interesting read paired with stunning photography - this book is a concise yet detailed, easy read for any fan of McQueen. If you are yet to be acquainted with Alexander McQueen, I highly suggest you begin your journey of discovering his work within the pages of this book.

The Woman I Wanted To Be / Diane Von Furstenburg 

amazon £16.59 (hardcover)

Renowned for her creation of the infamous wrap dress, Diane Von Furstenberg's memoir unravels more of the story behind the wrap dress and of the woman who created it. A truly honest account of personal and professional life, Diane created a book that was hard to dislike. I love this book - I think Diane Von Furstenberg is a woman of strength, drive and a contagious passion for success, happiness and love. 

NB: Like always, unless stated otherwise, I am not being paid to write opinions and review products. I have purchased all the books featured in this post myself. 

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