Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Cosy Winter Outfit Ideas

Let's be honest, our main priority in the Winter season is being warm - not necessarily fashionable. Realistically these crop tops are a joke..a bare stomach flaunt during weather warnings of snow and torrential rain? No thanks. I think I made that mistake once and let me tell you, frost bite is real and Jack Frost isn't a myth. So, grab a cup of hot chocolate, crank the heating up and scroll through outfit ideas that will keep you nice and warm this Winter!

Warning: You may just want to hide your credit card. Choose one of the following options to avoid impulsive purchasing;

1. Stuff your purse in the freezer - FREEZE THAT CARD OF MAGIC MONEY! 
2. Sit on your credit card - Chances are you've already taken your purse out of the freezer, I told you the temptation was real. Now, sit on your cold purse! This will either tempt you into buying warmer trousers or remind you that you are about to commit a shopaholic crime. 
3. Ask Santa - putting one of the items on your Christmas list will make you consider whether or not the item you want to buy is really worth the splurge. 

I'm all out of tips - good luck! :) 

(If you are going to purchase - as always, all items are linked to the high street site. Click on the item number to be redirected! Linking up items takes years and I am in no way sponsored or paid to feature the clothes - laborious work for no reward other than pleasing you! Hopefully that qualifies for being on the 'nice' list this Christmas?)

There's nothing more satisfying than a combination of a grey colour palette mixed with accents of black. I love the simplicity of this warm and cosy outfit. My favourite piece has got to be the coat - which reminds me of clouds (fluffy, grey and white!), weird I know...

A little bit mix and match, but these colours combine both warmth and frost. I adore the silver, metallic boots and think they add a bit of interest and statement to the outfit. I also love the fringing on the bag - adding movement into your outfit! 

Again, I couldn't resist opting for the timeless grey and black colour combo here. I am obsessed with the (fake) fur collar on the coat! I also added leather trousers to toughen up the soft texture of the outfit. A super chunky knitted scarf would also add some extra warmth to this outfit! 

I am totally in love with these Topshop boots. I love with every part of my being the metallic heel effect - perfect for Christmas and New Year with its happy, sparkly radiance! Perhaps my feelings for these boots are a little O.T.T but turning my attention to the jumper - I am equally as excited. I love the contrasting fur detailing to the front panels of the top. To add extra detailing to the outfit, I picked the Military style coat to add some leather texture and structure to this casual-smart outfit. With some complimentary clashes of colour, I think this outfit is interesting and has some to-die-for pieces in the mix! 

An outfit of layering and wrapping up warm! I have opted for the grey colour palette again here, but have added a combination of textures to spice up the outfit a little bit! I love the sequinned polo neck top that would go under the fringed poncho, peeking through it with it's dazzling personality! I also love the combo of the cigarette pant and the suede boots that are practical and a winter wardrobe staple. 


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