Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hair Crushes of 2015

Hailey Baldwin 
(top left) 

The fact that Hailey Baldwin is my age and looks so incredibly I-N-S-A-N-E, is a little bit unfair. I have been seriously obsessing over her latest hair look - lapping up those bangs. I think the return of the 'bangs' or the fringe in 2015 was super positive and when my hair grows a little longer, I fully intend to try it out myself. The look is risky because you have to take into consideration facial structure and the maintenance of the pesky fringe. However, I am ready to return to my roots and introduce the fringe back to my face in 2016. I owe it to Hailey for encouraging me with her Instagram posts and showing me that the fringe isn't something you should always keep in the past..wish me luck! 

 Jessica Woodley 
(bottom left) 

Some of you might not be aware of who Jessica Woodley is, so let me tell you. Jess is a well known 'Made in Chelsea' reality star - well known for not only her personality on the show but also her to-die-for-style. I know this is another mid-length cut with 'bangs' but I cannot get enough of this look. Jess's hair has definitely been one of my major hair crushes of 2015. She pulls off this look with effortless ease. Jess has a blunter finish to her bangs compared to Hailey or Kendall, but nevertheless this look is uh-mazing. 
 Kendall Jenner 
(center - but y'all already know K Jenner) 

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Kendall Jenner's temporary but oh so awesome new look here. Kendall needs no introduction - a member of the 'Kardashian' clan, her name is known to almost every household on the planet. More than just a Kardashian, Kendall has made a name for herself in the fashion industry and is a super successful model in her own right. When I'm not obsessing over Kendall's catwalk looks, I am definitely stalking her own personal style. I am in LOVE with this look of Kendall's and I have to say I think it is one of my favourites of all time. I love the slightly long bangs and the longer side pieces that finish the fringe off nicely down the sides of her face - creating a mini frame to those fierce eyes of hers. 

 Lily Rose Depp 
(top right) 

I am certainly not brave enough to have this super short bob that Lily Rose Depp has here, but my appreciation for her daring look falls off the scale. Lily Rose Depp is gorgeous - can we expect anything less from a descendant of Johnny Depp himself? Blessed with those genes, Lily can pull off this short bob with class, sophistication and high fashion infused energy. Lily's style is amazing and is a definite style crush head to toe.

 Emma Stone 
(bottom right)

Emma Stone's red tresses make me really happy - team redheads. Emma dyes her hair frequently, sometimes venturing into blonde territory. However, I think this is one of my favourite looks, not only on her, but of 2015. I love the bob and the side swept fringe combined with the warmth of red. Currently trying to grow out my own hair for it to return to its natural red state, I get inspired by women like Emma who pull off the colour so well! 


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