Saturday, 19 December 2015

Healthy Hot Chocolate Alternative

So by now you might have read the post where I talk about all the things that I can no longer eat. If you haven't seen the post or perhaps more importantly, my list of forbidden foods, check out 'Why I gave up sugar, dairy, wheat & more..'.  As the days get chilly and the nights get darker earlier, I can be lulled into a false sense of cosiness. Curled up on the sofa, preparing to watch 'Elf', wrapped in my snuggly bear-ear dressing gown from Topshop - what more can a girl want? Well, a nice cup of cocoa wouldn't go a miss. Actually, in my case, 'hot chocolate'/'cocoa' has to be given a miss because I'm intolerant to dairy and chocolate. I suppose any chocoholic out there reading that would probably faint from shock at the prospect. Trust me, I took the news pretty hard. However, my hot chocolate alternative is not only dairy, chocolate and sugar free, it is also healthy! I'm not going to lie and say that this drink tastes exactly like your favourite Dairy Milk instant hot choc mix - it doesn't. But, it does taste delicious in its own way and will for sure fool your body into thinking it's having a glug of something chocolatey and delightful!

To make this cup of splendour all you need is;

Your all-time favourite mug 
Hot water
Almond, Soy OR Coconut milk (personally my favourite is coconut.)
Cacao Powder 

- To start, heap up a tablespoon of cacao powder and put into the empty mug. I buy the Creative Nature Cacao Powder from my local supermarket but you can use any natural cacao powder of your choice.

- Next add a quarter of boiling water and mix the cacao powder to dissolve it into the liquid, adding the almond/soy or coconut milk next.
(You could re-heat the drink in the microwave if the milk has chilled it too much.)

- Stir, stir, stir! To avoid clumps of cacao powder lingering in your mug, you need to give this drink a good stir! Make sure you have mixed in enough boiling water to dissolve the powder. 

This recipe is all about getting the quantities right to suit you - so experiment! 

I experimented with almond milk for a while but after finding out I was slightly nut intolerant, I swerved to soy. Soy isn't my favourite taste which is why I opt for coconut milk when making this lovely beverage. I also feel like the coconut milk gives the drink a bit more of a creamy taste. I also sometimes add in a small teaspoon of coconut oil to make the drink extra creamy but this might be too intense for you! 

Next time you have a chocolate craving, try this hot cacao drink to bust the cravings! Cacao has so many beneficial healthy properties and has also been known to beat the feeling of hunger! A miracle tasty drink with no guilty feelings afterwards - perfect! 



  1. I definitely have to try this soon, it looks so good and i really love this mug!♥

    1. I love this choc drink more everyday! Haha thanks!! x


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