Monday, 14 December 2015

Healthy Veggie Curry

My relationship with a good ol' curry hasn't always been easy. I'll admit, we've had some rocky stages. I would normally rule out a curry dish in fact, not even considering it for even a second. Why? Well, as some of you already know, I'm pretty much allergic to every food on the planet. While that's hilarious to some, it's certainly not amusing for moi. However, sometimes the benefits outweigh the negatives and I like to think of this allergy discovery as something that is positive in my life. For starters, I would never in a million years have picked up some fabulous, healthy cookbooks containing recipes that will quite frankly change my life. Yeah - they're that good. 

This healthy veggie curry you can see here is just one of the many dishes I intend to create over and over again. It's out with the old and in with the new. As I wave goodbye to the unhealthy, oily infused curries, I say hello to my healthy dish of wonder. This recipe was based on Saskia Gregson-Williams' 'Tumeric-roasted cauliflower, garlic rice and tahini-cumin sauce' (phew that's a long title!). I made a few tweaks here and there to quantities and threw in some peas and minused the onions to suit my preferences. The basics to the recipe are all found in her 'Naturally Sassy' cookbook (page 136). It's definitely not my place to copy out the recipe and tell y'all how to make it because I'm not Saskia and this isn't my recipe. But, the basics to the recipe are a combination of cauliflower, rice and chickpeas - all dressed with tasty combinations of tumeric, cumin and garlic.

I can honestly say that if I'd been blindfolded and been asked to guess what I'd been eating, I would've answered - curry! The recipe isn't actually created as a substitute to a good pig out on curry dishes, it just simply reminds me of curry. You might try the recipe out and think I'm deluded, but my taste buds vote that this dish is delicious nevertheless. It's super filling and filled with nutritional benefits which makes every bite feel even more fulfilling.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to start a healthy diet and lifestyle, I would definitely recommend Saskia's 'Naturally Sassy' cookbook. It's one of my favourite cookbooks of all time and is perfect for my diet with easy recipes for new cooks (such as me!).



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