Saturday, 2 January 2016

I Lost Money In The Sales...

Christmas was great, right? We all ate ourselves into a coma, wore pyjamas for consecutive days and played board games like our lives depended on it. All in all - we survived. But, how are we supposed to survive the 'Boxing day' and January sales that are projectile vomiting into our eyes. Ok, so that was a gross image but there really is no other way to describe the surge of panic I feel when I see 'SALE' signs strewn everywhere. It's no secret that I love clothes. I didn't start a blog called , 'I Blog The Fashion' to talk about my mainstream love of fluffy dogs and all things that sparkle. With these things in mind, it's a no brainer that the High Street sales send me into a near breakdown.

We all get some Christmas dollar from our families, even if it's a fiver from Grandma. We'd probably all be lying if we denied that money wasn't one of our favourite gifts. But, when there are sales, my money is having a tantrum, being stashed into my purse. 'LET ME OUT AND SPEND ME YOU CRAZY WOMAN' it not-so-subtly screams. I don't like being threatened, so, chances are, through no other option - I will spend my Christmas stash. What will I spend it on? Clothes obviously and they will undoubtedly all be from the 'sale' sections online.

The whole concept of a sale is very tempting. You get products for a reduced price. Who doesn't love saving money? Yet, the thing that we all fail to recognise (or choose to ignore) is that usually the sale items are the items that the store hasn't managed to sell during the season. Therefore, we are buying clothes that nobody wants. BUT - because it's reduced - it doesn't matter. We've bagged ourselves a bargain!

On the one hand, I really don't care that I'm buying fashion 'leftovers'. The items I buy in the sale are investment pieces that I plan to love and treasure. I would rather foster my clothes than leave them neglected in some randomly placed warehouse. In fact, I probably deserve a Nobel Prize for all the clothes that I have faithfully adopted over the years.

But, conclusively, I am losing my money. I am buying things that are a 'bargain'. The clothes I am buying are realistically the price they should be in the first place. 'OH MY GOSH, A TOP FOR £20 REDUCED FROM £50!!' - 'That's going straight in my basket!'.  The worst part is, I am being brainwashed and I'm totally aware of it.

Sure, there will be the occasional, absolute bargain that is so unbelievable I can barely breathe. Just a few moments ago I was trembling in my seat because I managed to snap up a pair of VANS Disney Princess trainers. I mean, aside from anything, anything with a Disney Princess stamped on is an investment - but half price in the sale? Wow, no wonder I couldn't contain my excitement.

I will always find an excuse for buying a collective haul in the sales. The sales are there to make you feel extra special about your purchases. They make you feel sensible and they make you feel like you are truly investing your money in something for less. Which, you are. You are effectively spending less on each item but splurging more on the collective amount of items you buy. Because I am saving money, I always make room for 'extra' items that I don't actually need. I suppose you could call them 'leisurely spends'. But, it's these 'leisurely' annual spends that partly make the post-Christmas depression bearable. To be honest, even if there weren't sales, I would probably be scouring sites like ASOS to find the 'perfect' something that I don't need. The fact that it's over half price in the sale makes me feel that bit more special.

Dear sales - you are both my BFFL and my worst enemy, but for that I love you. 

What have you bought in the 'Boxing day' sales or have you managed to resist? (If you've resisted, comment below and give me your holy grail tips and tricks - I am bowing down to you. May you be fruitful and multiply as you pity shopaholic spenders like me.)



  1. Hahaha, you are a girl after my own heart! I definitely went a little mad in the sales this year. Got a gorgeous coat from Jack Wills which I spotted in November, down to £79 from £198 so this is a definite bargain right? ;) the rest haha, was exactly what you said, 'leisurely spends'. Loved reading this post! :) xxx

    1. Leisurely spends are our friend and foe, Charlotte! We need help, haha! Thank you for your lovely comment and congrats on such a steal in the Jack Wills sale - I am jealous!! x

  2. I don't really pay much attention to the before prices because if the after price or sales price is still ridiculous, I am not buying it! Great post and happy new year. :) -new follower; I invite you to take a look at my blog-

    Olive Needs Popeye

    1. Love the resistance to avoid sale temptation! Thanks for the follow, lovely - coming over to your blog now!


  3. You're so right, because everything is cheaper, it means you spend more money overall on extra items. I have tried to not even look at the sales this year. I want to try and have a capsule wardrobe in 2016 so I'm not even letting myself look!

    Sarah xxx

    1. That's the best way Sarah! I need to take a leaf out of your book and loving the idea of a capsule wardrobe!! x

  4. This was such a fun yet truthful post to read! I actually didn't go crazy at all with the sales, I only bought one dress, jeans and a jacket from Zara. I'd love to see what you purchases in a haul post :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales


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